Welcome to Finchley Gallery, a selection of paintings by Paul Symth, founder of the Finchley Art Society.

On display are 280 pictures Paul Smyth painted during his lifetime (1883 to 1963). They include scenes from London, Oxford, Canvey Island, Rural England, Wales, France, Holland, Gibraltar and Egypt.

Paul Smyth was wounded during World War One. On return to England he spent 9 months at Netley Hospital near Southampton. He remained there until May 1918.

This website is a tribute by his two grand daughters, Barbara and Sue, to a very remarkable grandfather.

If you own a picture by Paul Smyth and would like to put it on the website for others to enjoy, please send us a digital copy (jpeg, gif or png file). We will give credit to the owner in the caption beneath the photo.

All paintings with the exception of FG016, FG078, FG079, FG073, FG118, FG151 are watercolours.

Restoration Work

Most of the paintings have been in a loft for over 40 years, and quite a few needed cleaning and some restoration.

Michael Gentry a picture framer and restorer based in Church Lane, East Finchley, has done a good job in making many look as good as when they were first painted.

Michael Gentry

Reproduction Cards

51 pictures taken from original oil and watercolour paintings by Paul Smyth. All cards are individually cello-wrapped with envelopes of varying colours. Size 6" x 4" (148mm x 105mm) unless otherwise stated. They are blank inside and supplied in packs of 6 of one design.

Please contact us for further information.

Reproduction Cards

The Artist

Paul was born and grew up in Highgate, London. He started painting when he was 7 years old. By the time he was 65 years old he had painted 4000 pictures.

In 1913 he had a picture hung in the Royal Academy a the 145th exhibition. Throughout his career as a teacher and after he retired, he continued to paint until his death in 1963. In 1949 he founded the Finchley Art Society which still meets twice weekly and encourages the talent of local artists.